Sunday, May 12, 2013


Spearheaded by then co-founders Eugene & Harreit Ichinose, the Hawaii ballroom dance association (HBDA) was introduced to Maui in the mid 1980’s, when dancers of the Oahu-based group made several appearances at the Chrysanthemum ball, an annual fund raiser of the Maui AJA veterans inc.

In mid-1989, a group of Mauians approached Ichinose, then the association’s dance director, about forming a chapter on the valley isle.  That august several representatives from the Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association met the Maui delegates.

At the latter of 1989, the Maui chapter was formed with Leo Borovskis as President, Manuel Martins as Vice-President, Alice Kawakami as Secretary and Jenny Johnson as Treasurer.

In 1991, the Kahului chapter was formed.  the original ‘Maui chapter’ was renamed the Wailuku chapter.

In 1996, the West Maui chapter was formed and subsequently in 1997, the east Maui chapter was established.

Currently, due to the changing of the times, personnel, and demographics within the county only the Central Maui Chapter (formerly known as Wailuku chapter) exists today.